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Dr. Shauna Olsen

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Shauna Olsen is a graduate of Palmer West College of Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA. In 1991 Dr. Olsen was hired by the college clinic, where she graded and taught senior chiropractic students for a year before moving to Reno, Nevada. For the last 30 years Dr. Olsen has served on the Nevada Chiropractic Physician Board in Reno and has had post graduate training in radiology, orthopedics, vehicle accidents, and sports medicine.

Dr. Olsen’s sports medicine background comes from her undergraduate training in Alberta, Canada.  She served as the Medical Trainer at her Canadian University’s hockey team as well as serving as a chiropractor for Wilderness Rodeo Circuit, the Reno Rodeo, NFR in Las Vegas, and Semi Pro Football.

With over 30 years of experience in chiropractic care, Dr. Olsen and Olsen Chiropractic Center specializes in treating a variety of conditions. If your back, neck, or extremity pain is caused from a car accident, sports injury, or other accidents, our clinic offers the best chiropractic care. We are here to help you with pain management. Other common conditions we treat include headaches, cervical and lumbar disc herniation, and pregnancy.

Dr. Olsen is also federally trained, nationally certified, and licensed to perform DOT Physicals (Department of Transportation – FMCSA) for all commercial drivers. License # 8201230896.

Olsen Chiropractic is also certified in sport physicals for all school sports.

In her spare time Dr. Olsen is a Real Estate Developer, and loves spending time riding her horses with her family.

Our Vision –

At Olsen chiropractic office each patient is considered a unique individual with specific health wants and needs. Therefore, treatment is based on a holistic approach, whereby the entire person is taken into consideration and not just their symptoms. At Olsen chiropractic we honor the innate healing capabilities of every patient regardless of their condition. Chiropractic is not merely a clinical procedure, but rather, a healing discipline of Science, philosophy, and art that is concerned with each patient holistically.  Our aim is to free rather than control, to assist rather than intrude, and to correct the cause of disease, not just its effects.  The goal is not only to alleviate pain, but more importantly, to inspire and educate patients to become active participants in their own well-being.

Our Mission –

The mission of Olsen Chiropractic is to change the perception of chiropractic care as a pain relief or crisis care treatment to the reality that chiropractic is also a program of wellness based on the understanding that health is more than the absence of disease. With this mission, we strive to help others achieve health, happiness, and fulfillment through a positive mental attitude, patient education, and chiropractic care. At Olsen  Chiropractic, we  pride ourselves in offering  the highest possible standard of personalized care so our patients are free of pain and achieve their optimal health potential.  Our goal is that each patient leaves our office empowered with a better understanding of the treatment they receive and a greater knowledge of the functioning of their bodies.

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What our clients Say

I love this guy! Not only is Dr. Joe a knowledgeable, experienced, GENTLE but effective chiropractor, he is well-versed on holistic medicine and really cares about the overall health of his patients. His assistant Joanne is great, too. I highly recommend a visit if/when you need an adjustment.

Therese S.

So glad I was referred to this office. It’s not just a quick walk in and get an adjustment. He takes time to discuss what’s wrong and ways to work on fixing any issues. I feel 20 times better after visiting! Thank you!


Doc Pilloud is an amazing chiropractor. He has the know-how to find the cause of the pain very quickly the uses his many gifts to fix it. Highly recommend him!


This place is amazing! I've been going here for years and Dr Olsen can always fix me up!!! Plus her staff is AMAZING!!! Melissa at the front is absolutely perfect, efficient and sweet!!! The Techs are super friendly and informative too! Plus they get me in super quick!!!


Shauna pays attention detail without making you feel like a number


Awesome staff, Dr. Olsen was very thorough and with just one visit already feeling ready to jump back into the daily routine.


I have been going to Shauna Olsen for over 10 years. She has helped me tremendously with many different issues related to a past accident as well as normal wear and tear on my body.