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Headaches – A Chiropractic Solution

Headaches can be caused by many things.

Fixations in the neck due to injury or exercise, concussion, a poor diet, even emotional stress.

At the Reno Chiropractic Care practice, we have found that even headaches are present there is a lack of movement in the cranial suture (the joints between the bones in the skull). This lack of movement causes the suture to become painful and create headaches.

The movement of the cranial sutures and sacrum is also responsible for a pumping action that circulates the cerebrospinal fluid.

Assisting the movement of the sutures will most of the time relieve the headache and then we can focus on finding the cause of the fixation and correct it.

Even when one has had a long history of headaches, they can be relieved in just minutes most of the time with a correction of the sutures and chiropractic adjusting of the occiput.


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